Andi Rasta Supporter

Character Information
Name Andi Rasta
Level 204
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born March 16, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Ranger Pink Il and Hunter Of Aztec killed Andi Rasta - about 1 hour ago
Dark Torture killed Andi Rasta - about 16 hours ago
Andi Rasta and Mistz Nipponic killed Eo Netuz Rvt - about 16 hours ago
Weio Br and Andi Rasta killed Chollabiir Jr - about 16 hours ago
Morta Viva and Andi Rasta killed Il Ermack Il - about 21 hours ago
Andi Rasta , Yeti Tubby and Fury Broly Lkz killed Jovem Ykz - about 21 hours ago
Lok Hajime and Andi Rasta killed Deadflix - about 21 hours ago
God Ursin Il killed Andi Rasta - about 22 hours ago
Xzshark Sniperz , Vitua and Andi Rasta killed Guitova - about 22 hours ago
Andi Rasta killed Benjetagameromg - 1 day ago
Andi Rasta killed Henry Potter - 1 day ago
Ixl Iow Ixl and Skull Green killed Andi Rasta - 1 day ago
Eo Netuz Rvt , Andi Rasta and Drathe Sz killed Kelly Wnc - 1 day ago
Andi Rasta killed Takopi Kanakara - 1 day ago
Takopi Kanakara and Andi Rasta killed God Of Saturn - 1 day ago

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