Akt Zeuss Supporter

Character Information
Name Akt Zeuss
Level 125
Last online about 10 hours ago
Born April 07, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Rip Cabaco Il and Magico Oz Il killed Akt Zeuss - about 21 hours ago
Lol Kaue killed Akt Zeuss - 1 day ago
Fnnestor and Akt Zeuss killed Kiritogv - 1 day ago
Akt Zeuss and Merlin Harry killed Redfkw - 1 day ago
Marcoslindoppp and Redfkw killed Akt Zeuss - 1 day ago
Zunuatr , Akt Zeuss and Zetuso killed Hirrank Do Bem - 1 day ago
Reaper Sans Op killed Akt Zeuss - 4 days ago
Akt Zeuss , Demon Retuns and Palla Skillzudo killed Dreammmmm - 4 days ago
Dreammmmm , Palla Skillzudo and Akt Zeuss killed Kaikahbdvc - 4 days ago
Dudashelby and Akt Zeuss killed Samucazeio - 4 days ago

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