Akdere Han Supporter

Character Information
Name Akdere Han
Level 492
Guild Han Guild
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born January 24, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Akdere Han , Evil Rock Lee and Zeref Sama killed Il Alex Fsnd Il - about 7 hours ago
Akdere Han killed Son Of Judah - about 11 hours ago
Cloud Bdjl killed Akdere Han - 1 day ago
Akdere Han and Farruko Nmy killed Cloud Bdjl - 2 days ago
Akdere Han killed Akt Holy Cow - 4 days ago
Akdere Han and Archers Han killed Ur Dad Is Crazy - 5 days ago
Akdere Han killed Lolicon Hentai - 5 days ago
Ninja Hollow , Akdere Han , Baron Lykia and Baron Cyborg killed Ssjr Goku Black - 5 days ago
Akt Hugo , Akdere Han and Kr Kamikaze killed Kr Exiled Asura - 5 days ago
Akdere Han killed Bdjl Begi - 6 days ago
Bdjl Begi killed Akdere Han - 6 days ago

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