Character Information
Name Agomus
Level 178
Guild Senju Academy
Title Defender II Uncommon
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born April 26, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Agomus , King Bahamut and Zz Moonlight Zz killed Halleyprobr - about 22 hours ago
Teh Dead and Agomus killed Profgg - about 23 hours ago
Evil Sebozo killed Agomus - about 23 hours ago
Agomus killed Rps Lxcas - 1 day ago
Xx Slong Skl Xx killed Agomus - 1 day ago
Deus Saigam and Qeqeqeqeq killed Agomus - 2 days ago
David Blass killed Agomus - 2 days ago
Mini Kingz and Xx Sartan Xx killed Agomus - 2 days ago
Il Mato Tudo Il killed Agomus - 2 days ago
Agomus killed Jhojhojq - 4 days ago
Agomus , Helpis and Ix Mp Ix Gm killed Il Gameover Il - 5 days ago

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