Affet Supporter

Character Information
Name Affet
Level 206
Guild Raiders Of Anatolia
Last online 42 minutes ago
Born September 19, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Affet killed Sub Zerooooooo - about 10 hours ago
Bad Quik killed Affet - about 11 hours ago
Affet killed Kaneki Ken Xll - about 23 hours ago
Affet and Puzzzzzer killed Knayf - 1 day ago
Playerko killed Affet - 1 day ago
Affet killed Powrq Skill - 1 day ago
Kuba Ludwik Pl , Affet and Powrq Skill killed Baranxq - 1 day ago
Affet and Krifkro killed Xx Pro Gamerxx - 3 days ago
Zeki Tuna Pro and Affet killed Vini Yutube Br - 3 days ago
Affet and Zeki Tuna Pro killed Skillinfliniti - 3 days ago
Affet killed Sessizgurultu - 3 days ago
Sbzc and Affet killed Temp God Hrd - 3 days ago
Pro Sair , Affet and Il Farmovic Il killed Beste Ozturk - 3 days ago
Ninja Ben killed Affet - 3 days ago
Ninja Ben killed Affet - 3 days ago

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