Afedodm Online

Character Information
Name Afedodm
Level 356
Guild Celesty
Title Bonnie Rabbit Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online currently online
Born February 19, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Il Yasu Rilu Il , Ltz Void Amy , Glesim , Afedodm , Shiny Yuno , Supercore , Il Kami Sama Il and Lady Eris killed Il Pombo Il Abs - 1 day ago
Wilon Merle , Icy Secretaria , Loboyeah and Afedodm killed Nordeztino Bhd - 2 days ago
Gaxndzior Lhk killed Afedodm - 2 days ago
Kingutka , Afedodm , Immortal Kraken and Ye Bro Onlyfarm killed Kord Pro - 3 days ago
Alan Walkxr , Afedodm , Xl Chewbacca Xl and Reysten killed Kord Pro - 3 days ago

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