Character Information
Name Abrahamibo
Level 318
Last online 3 minutes ago
Born October 13, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Chidora San and Angry Sky Il killed Abrahamibo - 1 day ago
Chidora San killed Abrahamibo - 1 day ago
Elvin Pro and Abrahamibo killed Pro Kk - 2 days ago
Abrahamibo and Pro Kk killed Gommetta Iv - 3 days ago
Spartians killed Abrahamibo - 3 days ago
Poseidon Bey and Abrahamibo killed Sasuke San - 4 days ago
Abrahamibo and Hail Hidra killed Baron Ghis - 4 days ago
Sasuke San killed Abrahamibo - 4 days ago
Abrahamibo , Xx Garmadon Xx and Il Yuck Fou Il killed Maxi Arrieta - 4 days ago
Abrahamibo killed Il Bozkurt Il - 4 days ago
Ill Dracula Ill , Ul Lucifer Ul and Abrahamibo killed Sin Dinero - 5 days ago
Abrahamibo , Kinai Gf and Lohhhhiiii killed Hunter Of Hs Il - 5 days ago
Abrahamibo , Mirach and Blaster Mind killed Vector Zem - 5 days ago
Abrahamibo and Blaster Mind killed Vector Zem - 5 days ago
World Hero and Abrahamibo killed Sacerd Puffyrex - 6 days ago

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