Ozikkk Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Ozikkk
Level 256
Title Boss Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online currently online
Born November 30, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Ozikkk killed Meliodinhas Il - about 6 hours ago
Ozikkk killed Yukirito Br - about 6 hours ago
Soy Farm and Ozikkk killed Mage King Fbi - 1 day ago
South Americah killed Ozikkk - 1 day ago
Fernando Hey and Ozikkk killed Marinha Shop - 1 day ago
Laud Matyz , Bad Ashes and Ozikkk killed Athena Vi - 1 day ago
Nicolasjsjsjs , Ozikkk and Jm Arqueiro killed Athena Vi - 1 day ago
Eo Patata Sz killed Ozikkk - 2 days ago
Dfdfffdf and Ozikkk killed Ixl Subaru Ixl - 2 days ago
Tutx killed Ozikkk - 2 days ago
Ozikkk , Shop Suiciniv and Akt Zeuus killed Pk Promax - 2 days ago
Shop Suiciniv , Akt Zeuus and Ozikkk killed Matheus Tds - 2 days ago
Zxdjx killed Ozikkk - 2 days ago
Xx Quebrada Xx and Nks Over Heaven killed Ozikkk - 2 days ago
Viniciusppp and Ozikkk killed Skill Opvvv - 2 days ago

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