Ajjszna Online

Character Information
Name Ajjszna
Level 237
Guild Gms Game Masters
Last online currently online
Born November 15, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Edu Nonstop and Ajjszna killed Plhu - about 3 hours ago
The Hardlow and Ajjszna killed Il Weslei Zs - about 3 hours ago
Joaovsk killed Ajjszna - about 3 hours ago
Viniknight , Starkzinn and Ajjszna killed Pleyermax - about 3 hours ago
Viniknight , Ajjszna and Starkzinn killed Il Crix Il - about 3 hours ago
Ajjszna and Loudtrd killed Xx Zenitsu - about 4 hours ago
Fael Artygo and Ajjszna killed Evil Neutro - about 6 hours ago
Espartano Xd and Ajjszna killed Chalamandra - about 6 hours ago
Akt Assasinz killed Ajjszna - about 6 hours ago
Ajjszna killed Boirosa - about 6 hours ago
Ge So Nel , Touya Mashishuk and Ajjszna killed Akt Galego - about 6 hours ago
Renanpw , Ge So Nel , Aktalicxam and Ajjszna killed Akt Galego - about 7 hours ago
Ajjszna and Alisonff killed Lich Gg - about 7 hours ago
Il No Kill Il , Lipaonot , Ajjszna and Jailtonbrw killed Famosoguizin - about 7 hours ago
Nicolxxd and Ajjszna killed Gmo Black - about 7 hours ago

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